Mercer Votes


Find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below. If you still need help, you can reach us by email at or phone at 304-487-8338.

Voting Procedures During COVID-19

What precautions will be taken at the polling place?

People in line will wait 6 feet apart, poll workers will wear a mask, and sanitizer will be available upon entry and exit.

Registering to Vote

Do I need an ID to register online to vote?

All West Virginia residents who are eligible to vote may fill out a voter registration application online on the Secretary of State’s website. If you don’t have a West Virginia driver license or identification card number but you enter your other information, the website will create a voter registration application for you to print, sign, and mail.

I’ve moved. How do I change my address?

You can update your residence address by calling our office at 304-487-8338 or by submitting a paper voter registration application. You can also send a signed letter to your current Mercer County Clerk Voter Registration Office informing them of your move and providing them with your date of birth and current address, even if it is in a different county. 

When is the deadline to register to vote?

West Virginia residents must be registered to vote by October 13, 2020 to vote on Election Day November 3, 2020.

How do I change my political party preference?

You can change your political party preference by calling our office at 304-487-8338 or by submitting a paper voter registration application. Also, you can make any changes by going to the Secretary of State Website at

What to Expect on Election Day

What do I need to bring with me?

The poll worker will ask your name and your address. Beginning January 1, 2018 , voters must show a form of identification to vote in person during Early Voting period or on Election Day in any election.  Any ID shown for voting purposes must be valid and not expired.  Voter ID Requirements can be found above. See the full list of acceptable forms of ID.

What are my rights as a voter?

When it is your turn to vote, you will be taken to the voting machine and the poll worker will activate your ballot.  You are ready to Vote!!

Note: If there is a long line at 7:30 p.m., you will be given a waiting permit to show you were at the poll by 7:30 p.m.

Voting machine information

  • The voting machine, the iVotronic, allows you to select a candidate or issue by touching the screen. 
  • The technology is similar to what is used in an ATM. 
  • The machine prints the selections for you to review. 
  • Each machine is equipped with specific instructions to guide you through the voting process.

Provisional Voting

You will receive a provisional ballot if a poll worker tells you that you cannot vote a regular ballot. The content of a provisional ballot and a regular ballot is the same. When a provisional ballot is cast, election officials will later decide whether the ballot can count based on your eligibility to vote.

You will be asked to vote a provisional ballot if:

  • Your name is not in the poll book.
  • Your signature does not match the signature in the poll book.
  • You are required to show ID and you have none.
  • You ask for help and it appears you do not need it.
  • You voted early or absentee by mail.

How and Where to Vote

When does early voting start?

Early voting is October 21, 2020 – October 31, 2020

Where can I vote on election day?

Where you vote on election day is determined by the address where you live, and are registered to vote.

View a list of all Mercer County Election Day Voting Locations.

Find your polling location on the West Virginia Secretary of State website.

What’s on the ballot

What’s on your ballot is determined by the address where you live, and are registered to vote.

View a list of Mercer County candidates and sample ballots.

Additional Questions

How do I become a poll worker?

Please visit the Secretary of State’s elections website to learn more about becoming a poll worker, including: who is eligible to work the polls, training information, and poll worker pay.